….. mis cuentos chinos


The PUMPKIN risotto

En la vida de la fotografia profesional a veces tienes desafios realmente importantes, desafios que se ganan la muesca en el revolver de la experiencia…

Con especial ternura recuerdo el risoto de calabaza… chungo donde los haya .. desde aquel dia en el estudio describimos toda situacion complicada de fotografiar como un “pumpkin risotto”

Imaginaros la foto sin el plato azul, ni el azafran…  no es lo mismo, aunque sabe igual


Comida informal

Saludos habrientos!

hoy retomo la serie de cocina informal para presentaros una delicia muy especial..


en las fotos podeis ver 2 exquisitos platos, la serpiente rebozada y el caldero de serpiente, ya se os hace la boca agua, eh?

Aqui teneis culebrilla frita con un toque de pimiento… mmm …

Esta delicia es caldero de serpiente y tortuga… solo a titulo informativo, la serpiente es cobra negra

Aqui teneis a Carrie devorando a la serpiente (no valen chistes faciles de serpientes de un solo ojo)

Unformal Food

Dear Friend,

sometimes firends and family ask me about what i eat and they cant avoid some typical questions …

have you tried dog meat?

Well, I am a dog lover, i have a dog that i treat like my daughter, but i’ve been living too long in China to successfully avoid eating dog. So … yes, I have tried dog meat

PS: I was on an official work duty, i couldn’t be unpolite and tell them they are a bunch of savages

PS 2: when i came back home, i apologised to my dog, i felt like i ate her cousin for a while

PS 3: ….she forgave me

Corporate food – Asian

Fancy some asian food?

Today I present you an originally indonesian dish: Beef Satay

This dish is so famous that Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand consider it also their national dish.

PS: this is beef, but there are more fancy versions made of turtle, snake, lizard, horse or even crocodile…

Corporate food

Dear friends,

lets talk about food…

Recently the best italian restaurant in Chengdu changed his menu and they used … my pics

I haven’t seen the result, not sure of the design of the menu, just know that the photos look great like the food, basically…

From that shooting we use an expression at the studio:  “The pumking rice”

(have you ever tried to make look a pumkin rissotto on a picture, that’s a challenge and not putting the man on the moon)

Maybe one day I show you the results, just maybe

Corporate food

Today i miss a spanish delicatessen, the “Jamon Iberico” (Spanish ham)

I don’t really remember when was the last time i ate Jamon, but it was long time ago…

Today i rescue a food picture of an italian Ham “San Daniel”, an exquisite Ham as good as the spanish pata negra.

PS: Do you know that Jamon in portuguese is called “presunto” ..and presunto in spanish means “presumed” … I guess is because someones “presumes” it tastes the same … guilty as charge

Corporate food

Who’s hungry?

Here is a new section, food photography.

Some photographers say that if you can make food look good on a picture, you can shoot anything; the truth is that the texture of the food is something really difficult to catch with the camera.

Can a picture stimulate the stomach?

Today’s starter:  Dim Sum

Pictures from the shooting of the collection “Samantha Resort & Spa” – Zhangjiajie – Hunan Province