….. mis cuentos chinos


Lavando el pollo

Hola amigos,

Por si alguna vez os habies preguntado por las condiciones higienicas de la comida china (que os recomiento no os pregunteis nunca…)  aqui os dejo una instantanea para tranquilizaros…

El pollo se lava y las calles se barren .. asi que llamad a sanidad y tranquilizarlos, vale


Parque militar

Hola amigos,

Hoy os traigo una sorpresa, buscando entre las fotos curiosas de Chengdu, encontre hace poco una coleccion de fotos que tome en el denominado “parque militar” uno de los lugares mas curiosos que se pueden visitar, cuando uno no sabe que hacer…

Hace algun tiempo algunas autoridades sobradas de conocimientos decicieron crear una combinacion entre parque tematico y museo de reliquias militares, ese fue el principio de”El parque militar”, tiempo despues, tras quebrar, decidio recortar presupuesto, cerrar las pocas atracciones y abandonar el concepto de explotacion comercial.

El parque hoy en dia presenta una coleccion de reliquias de guerra completamente abandonadas, tanques, aviones, misiles incluso algun helicoptero con mas oxido y solera de lo que debiera

Aqui os dejo una muestra….

Aqui teneis una muestra de sabiduria oriental y poderio militar … filosofia barata, vamos:

Para terminar os dejo una foto que llamo “soluciones inmobiliarias” …espero no dar ideas a nadie…


Dear Friends,

I am sorry… I have never been so busy in my whole life…

Since May 17th I am in Guangzhou, initially for a couple of weeks, now trapped untill september taking care of a 4 stars hotel, yes, GM of a 4 stars hotel…

Is the risk of beeing Project Manager, sometimes the project comes all over you… I have been working between 11 and 15 hours per day, including weekends.

I need to apologise for not uploading any new pictures all this time, hopefully i can manage my time a little better from now on and I will bring you new shots in the coming days.

Working a the hotel has some advantages, like the access to some unexpected places… Here you can see the view from the very top of the building at dusk, where the guests can’t reach…

Doesn’t look like an industril city, right?

…the sky is true, by the way


Chengdu’s reputation cannot be found on the “hardworker’s” section of the library.

The people, here, are well known as lazy… they prefer to call it “relaxed atmosphere” but in fact they really are inmune to stress.

Here it is an unforgetable shot of a so called street vendor … rush hour and one of the most frequented places in Chengdu….

you have to imagine Freddie Mercury singing “It’s a hard life”, when he says:

Life is tough – on your own
Now I’m waiting for something to fall from the skies
And I’m waiting for love



Don’t know why today i feel minimalistic…

maybe i am on those days of the month … or maybe someone has a birthday and i just feel the butterfly effect of a blowed candle, …who knows? …who cares?

Here i leave one of my few minimalistic pics, called “twisted lake”

Tributo – Tribute

Queridos amigos,

en estos momentos las noticias recogen un devastador terremoto en Japon, alcanzando los 8.9 en la escala Richter.

Quiero dedicar un momento a todas las victimas, mis mejores deseos para minimizar todos los problemas. Pase por uno y no lo olvido.

Dear friends,

this moment news are reporting a massive earthquake in Japan, reaching 8.9 in Richter’s scale.

I want to dedicate a moment to all the victims, my best wishes to minimize the problems. I went through one and i won’t forget.