….. mis cuentos chinos

Blossoming flowers of China

Dear friends,

Today I took a day off…

Chengdu people are well known for the relaxed habitudes and traditions, one of their favourites activities is to sit down on a teahouse and watch how the peach flowers blossom, today that was the objective…

We took the way to longquan early in the morning, expecting to arrive even before the sun; at our arrival dozens of restaurants-terraces welcomed us with gorgeous trees full of pink flowers.

Seems like we found the perfect frame for a lazy day:

But there was something unusual on the landscape… why there are only blossomed trees on the restaurants?  … the rest of the trees seemed quite… let’s say… unflourish (my first option was”dead”)

Let’s have a closer look at the trees…

Great ..they are all fake!  shiny plastic flowers tied to the branches  … not even spring is real in China!

If the event wasn’t weird enough we found a contest “the Chengdu International peach blossom festival home cuisine competition” it consists on model-wanabee girls showing their cooking skills, or at least trying, because they had a black out and they couldn’t cook, the jury had to decide the winner by selecting the best speech of “the dish I couldn’t make was….”

Here is a picture of the main sponsor surrounded by the contestants:

…………..Culinary motivation you think?


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